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                               ABOUT US

    Since her childhood Jannie had a passion for dolls.
    When she once visited a doll show and saw some
         of the hand-sculpted dolls made by clay that
         she immediately enrolled in a sculpting class.
   Since 1994 Jannie has sculpts her own one of a kind dolls
     and since 2009 reborn/painting her own blanc doll-kits.
                She quickly developed her own style.
          Her (child) Doll Jeffrey was nominated for the
        Silver Doll-Ring in 1998 and won a second place.
        Vinyl-doll Marit by Sigikid was nominated for the
                         Doty_Award in 2003.
         Vinyl-doll Nischi at Paradise Galleries for the
                Dolls Award of Excellence in 2010
   Jannie has been sculpting her Baby-Dolls since 1999
       and quickly they have become popular worldwide.
     She experiments with all different kinds of clays.
         Jannie's Babies have an unique skin tone
    and are made of a polymer clay SUPER SCULPEY
          mixed by Jannie and hardened in oven.
This clay is less breakable and is translucent like a skin.
         Jannie just keeps on enjoying to sculpt and
                 loves to do various expressions
              Every OOAK Baby has crystal/glass
           eyes and wears a rooting mohair wig.
                Of course every doll comes with
                    a certificate of authenticity.
      Her trademark, the letters J & L together in a bow,
        is on the back of every (OOAK) doll's head.
       Jannie lives in the east part of the Netherlands       
   Hobbies of Jannie are: photography-gardening-music
             and collecting antique dolls and toys.
                        Jannie has three daughters,
             five grandsons and two granddau